Electronics, sotware and technology consultancy

Focusing on social impact and environmental issues, health care and fair supply chain and manufacturing


Based in London, KAZLOUROCHE brings together a wide network of consultants around the globe.

Our clients range from startups to established brands.

We offer business models to suit project requirements, from managing the delivery for a given budget to plugging into existing processes as a dedicated team.



Kazlouroche was a key part of a small, efficient and highly skilled team brought on to redesign and launch a key product for Utilitywise. Due to their hard work and dedication, we completed redesign and roll out within 6 months enabling UTW to deploy ahead of schedule.
Duncan Tytler, CTO Utilitywise (UK)

Eugene has proven to be an important asset to my team with his tenacity when attacking a confounding problem and ability to dig in and get things done. He has a wide range of experience around embedded software and hardware. This, combined with his grasp of software development processes makes him an excellent candidate for a small to medium fast track software team.
Alex Feinman, Director of System Integration and Bringup Daqri.com (USA)

Zhenya brings technical expertise in data management and infrastructure. I have worked with Zhenya on different projects where he has consistently shown a positive attitude to solutions. Zhenya has a healthy appetite for all projects to maintain a spirit of being fun and purposeful no matter how dry or technical a project could potentially be, giving a perfect balance of technical abilities and desire to add as much value as possible. Thank you.
Martin Schofield, Marketing Director, Ecomotive (UK)